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Pineapple Homes

About Pineapple Homes

Pineapple Homes is a high end real estate company based in Marbella, San Pedro & Málaga. Pineapple Homes needed a new brand identity including setup of website, 3D illustrations and marketing strategy.

Finding the identity

Brand Identity is essential regarding how a business want to be perceived by customers.

Brand identity strives to communicate clearly with the target audience.

Reaching the goals

Online marketing allows you to boost your business website and online sales.

Making your business more visible and accessible to consumers.

To realize the potential of advertising on Facebook and Instagram, it was about finding and optimizing the opportunities that lay in helping Pineapple Homes on digital channels. There was a great potential for scaling the digital business.


67% more traffic to website

72% more transactions on leads

57% of total leads have had touchpoints with paid advertising

43% of revenue has had touchpoints with paid advertising

  • Traffic
  • Transactions
  • Leads
  • Paid advertising

The team behind the case

Total growth for Plandzer within the operations from Frifeldt Media.

All numbers are index.







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