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Mator.io is a SaaS company based in both Marbella and Copenhagen. At Frifeldt Media we was in charge of developing the main brand identity of the company, which included logo, business cards, business facade etc. Furthermore we developed a SaaS product with a mobile app integration. The full service was executed via our outsourced developer service.

What is Mator.io?

Mator.io is a a platform to make it easy for creators to generate income from the value they bring to their audience.

The process

Our experts worked closely with the mator team to determine the requirements and specifications before creating a detailed project plan for the SaaS product, app and the brand identity. Mator.io is one of the clients using our outsourced developer service, and have been in charge of managing the development via our free task management system.

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More than 300 clients

We consulted more than 300 businesses within a wide amount of industries.

Professional and top quality service. Definitely recommend to work with this team!

100% worth the money! Really professional! 😀

Always very high service from Frifeldt Media. They know what they are doing. Quick response, always delivers a brilliant product for a fair price. You can count on these guys.

Frifeldt Media took care of our marketing activities and we can only thank them for everything they did. We will defiantly keep using this creative agency for our design activities to help us improve the brand.

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