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For more than 10 years, we at Brian Nielsen Golf and Events have had a goal, to make it as easy as possible for you to book your stay on the Costa del Sol. We do all the legwork so that you can achieve a hassle-free holiday, while at the same time saving time and money.
Our guests’ needs are always in focus and therefore we are focused on always providing the best service in the industry.

Going digital

Brand Identity is essential regarding how a business want to be perceived by customers.

Brand identity strives to communicate clearly with the target audience.

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Reaching the goals

Online marketing allows you to boost your business website and online sales.

Making your business more visible and accessible to consumers.

To realize the potential of advertising on Facebook and Instagram, it was about finding and optimizing the opportunities that lay in helping Brian Nielsen Golf on digital channels. There was a great potential for scaling the digital business.


54% more traffic to sign ups

87% more transactions

53% of total sign ups have had touchpoints with paid advertising

23% of revenue has had touchpoints with paid advertising

Brian Nielsen Golf

Digital optimization

Plandzer needed a social media platform that could help all types of businesses.

We developed a complete solution ready to market.

Brian Nielsen Golf

Total growth in index

Total growth for Brian Nielsen within the operations from Frifeldt Media.

All numbers are index.







The team behind the case

If one’s performance is stagnating, it is important to look at all the elements of

advertising if one does not want to be overtaken by competitors.

Frederik Frifeldt

Frederik Frifeldt

Denise Benkjer
Client Success Manager

Denise Benkjer

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