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App development


Our experts work closely with you to determine app requirements and specifications before generating a detailed project plan with the development process clearly laid out and a firm timeline established. Each member of your dedicated development team possesses the programming expertise and industry-specific knowledge needed to build you an app that will meet and exceed all your business needs. In addition to receiving daily emailed reports and weekly status calls, you can reach out to our project managers via phone or video chat at any time with your questions, concerns, and special requests. All applications we create are fully owned by our clients. 


Once an app is built, we hand over the proprietary code and intellectual property.

No licensing fees at project completion required.

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Why build an app?

Most people carry a mobile device, apps encourage repeat orders from customers on the go.

Mobile apps generate additional revenues for a company.

The sheer simplicity and convenience of apps versus going to a website makes it easier for consumers to buy. Secondly a company can benefit from a new advertising revenue stream through apps. And thirdly, the app itself may be so compelling that you can charge for it. Reduce cost to serve. Mobile apps allow customers to access basic information and purchase without needing to call a call centre. On some apps, you can even click through a “visual IVR” menu rather than waste time and money listening to prompts in a call queue. 

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How much do an app cost?

Choose the service you are interested in, answer 7-8 simple questions.

Receive your price estimate for a new solution.

More than 300 clients

We have helped more than 300 businesses within a wide amount of industries.

100% worth the money! Really professional! 😀

Always very high service from Frifeldt Media. They know what they are doing. Quick response, always delivers a brilliant product for a fair price. You can count on these guys.

Frifeldt Media created our webshop and is in charge of our marketing activities and we can only give them a five star review. We are looking forward to the marketing collaboration in the future.

Frifeldt Media took care of our marketing activities and we can only thank them for everything they did. We will defiantly keep using this creative agency for our design activities to help us improve the brand.

Should we help you as well?

More companies are stuck with their advertising and never realize their full potential.

Contact us for a non-committal talk and see your potential.