10 Most Popular Programming Languages

Programming is considered as the most demanding job these days. Coding language learning is invaluable. To know various programming languages is a simple decision for engineers, but understanding of the languages can benefit anyone, even if you’re not looking to become a master coder.

Grasping some simple understanding of coding can benefit you, make the right hires for your business needs, communicate better with the engineers, and protect any awkward misunderstandings. Plus, high salaries could be earned for coding, considering for a future career move! So, what do you want to know?

Most popular programming languages are described below


Java is considered as the most popular programming languages. Sun Microsystems, who first developed it in 1995, which was later gained by Oracle. It’s an open source language which is used by companies like Twitter and Netflix, and various large companies. It’s used by web-based developers, and they learn Java for many reasons, but I will highlight just two of them: mobile development and formal education. To create mobile and web applications, games, and database-driven software they use this language. Being favorite of many programmers, it also called the core foundation for developing Android apps. It runs happily across multiple software platforms. The second reason relates to Java’s adoption in colleges and universities to teach computer science concepts. It seems similar to C++ and C+, allowing developers to switch between the languages.


Python is considered as one of the most popular programming languages. It’s one of the fastest growing ones. In popularity, it went to second place in 2019. Google’s investment has risen in popularity. A recent study in U.S. schools has shown Python to be the most commonly taught programming language. Web-based developers enjoy using Python for the following two reasons: code readability and extensibility. Both reasons have contributed to the creation of several highly specialized and popular libraries. Developers interested in Python because it fits with scientific computing or natural language processing with a high-level language. In fact, WordStream is written in Python! Pinterest and Instagram are also built with Python. This language is basically used for artificial intelligence applications and data science. It’s also known to be easy to get started with. Python is the easiest programming language to learn for its straightforward syntax.


C language is the oldest programming language which is popularly used today. It was developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972. Java, PHP, and JavaScript, have their roots in C. It is the first programming language which was taught in college. Web-based developers will be unlikely to consider C when building a web-based application. C predates the modern Internet and never designed for web-based development. C is a low-level language with verbose syntax, which doesn’t lend itself to build a web-based application. It is a popular web-based framework that has never emerged for developers. Beside this, C is called an academic language.

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Ruby is the supplier of various web apps which was first released in 1995. Through several conferences and meetups based on the Ruby language; it becomes more popular. Blending the best parts of his favorite languages, Yukihiro Matsumoto created it. Ruby on Rails (Rails). However, many new developers cite Rail’s greatest strength as its greatest weakness: It’s relatively easy for them to create a web-based application, but the entire process also seems magical.


Microsoft developed C+, which stands for “C-sharp,” as a team led by Anders Hejlsberg. C+ is almost similar to the programming language Java. Mobile applications, games, and enterprise software are using lava language. Web-based developers will be inclined to use C+ when building applications for devices operated on Microsoft Windows. You have to spend lots of time with C+, but if you’re good at Java, you would be benefited onto C+. Whether it’s a mobile or desktop application, learn C+ if you’re targeting these users.


JavaScript is all over the web. It’s found everywhere. It is different to Java which is another programming language. Despite the name, it is a little similar to Java. By helping to make websites interactive and building games, it became one of the principal languages which developers loved by developers. It prefers a lightweight, flexible, and powerful workspace. Web developers give serious consideration to learning JavaScript. Many Colleges and universities offer classes in JavaScript, but most of them lack comprehensive coverage of the language.


In 1979 another programming language C++ was built from C. Bjarne Stroustrup, who created it. He was working on his PhD thesis and included additional features to C. Now it’s still used as the principal language in many operating systems, browsers, and games. Nowadays, many web developers commonly learn C++ to gain low-level control of machine resources. Although this level of control may be unnecessary for most web developers, it will prove valuable for performance critical applications, such as video games.


PHP Hypertext Preprocessor is shortly called PHP, another programming language. It is commonly used for web development and creating interactive web pages. Being a server-side scripting language, this also works well with databases. Well-known companies, like WordPress and Facebook, use PHP to develop their web-based applications. Startup companies prefer JavaScript, Python, and Ruby for web development because of their corresponding web application frameworks. The PHP community’s response has been Laravel, which is generating excitement within the PHP community.


SQL, which stands for Structured Query Language. When talking about big data, SQL is ideal. Siphon required data from massive databases are obtained by SQL. Web-based developers use SQL when they want to store data from a web-based application in a relational database. Most web-based applications use relational databases to store their data.


Objective-C, which is the most used programming language behind iOS apps. Objective-C is learned by web-based developers primarily to build web-based applications for Apple devices. Swift, a new language, which was recently released by Apple, will eventually replace Objective-C.

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